3 Common Barriers to Online Business Success and How to Break Through Them

They said it couldn’t be done…

On October 14, 2012, the world watched in awe as Felix Baumgartner did what many experts thought was an impossible feat… he jumped from literally the “edge of space”, 23 miles above the earth and became the first man to break the sound barrier on a free fall.

Simply amazing.

You know, as entrepreneurs, there is lots of inspiration we can draw from Felix’s record-setting jump and the many others before him who had a dream and broke through major barriers to get there.

The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with all types of barriers and obstacles that can hinder us from accomplishing our goals and building the business and life we’ve always wanted.

Let’s have a look at THREE common barriers that can literally stop you in your tracks and even prevent you from getting your online business out of the “starting gate”…

1. The Vision Barrier

“Without vision, people perish.”

This statement rings so true when it comes to business. You can have the most amazing product, with the most incredible team and the best-looking website, but without a clear and compelling vision, your business will likely not last.

Without a clear vision, it’s almost impossible to know what direction you’re heading. This might work in the early stages of your business, but a business without a vision is not sustainable in the long run.

Your vision is a “picture of your ideal future”, your desired destination. A clear and compelling vision will inspire and motivate you to take action and keep pressing on even in the midst of unforeseen challenges and adversity (which is an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial journey).

So it is super important to get real clear on your long term outcome.

But remember, there are no right or wrong answers, and your vision doesn’t have to be set in stone… you can change it or tweak it whenever you want.

So all that being said, where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years? What will that look like? What impact will you have made in the lives of your family and customers?

Once the vision is set and clear, then you can focus on the actionable steps you need to take to get there.

Felix Baumgartner had a vision to be the first man to break the sound barrier and complete the longest free fall in history. I’m sure his steadfast vision sustained him to keep pressing on during his rigorous years of training.

And so will your vision.

2. The Distraction Barrier

We live in one big storm of distraction that runs 24 hours and never ceases. The buzzing, pinging, and jingles of our instant messagers, social media and smart phones can sometimes make it impossible to focus on anything well.

To take it a step further, Internet entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) are also bombarded with a sea of opportunities that can cloud their vision and direction. There are all sorts of interesting niches and innovative business models and cool marketing technology that can quickly cause you to become like a “ship without a rudder”.

One simple strategy for breaking the “Distraction Barrier” is to set small daily goals for yourself and be hyper committed to getting them done saying “I’m NOT going to go to bed until I get this done”.

Side Note: Internet entrepreneurs are notorious for working into the wee hours of the morning. That could mean they are kicking butt and “getting things done” OR checking email, playing in social media and wasting time.

Which person do you want to be?

3. The Confidence Barrier

Let me tell you, this psychological barrier has destroyed the dreams of so many aspiring entrepreneurs.

“What if I’m not an expert?”

“What if I can’t compete with the other players in my market?”

“What if I fail?”

These are just a couple of the common questions that can keep people awake at 2am in the morning wondering whether or not they should pursue this business of their dreams.

Well, here’s the cool thing about starting an Internet business today…

You don’t have to take a BIG LEAP like Felix did.

In fact, all you need to start with is “Baby Steps”. You don’t need to spend a load of money you don’t have as it has never been more cost-effective to set-up a blog, create a social media presence, start building an audience and get to that first dollar of profit.

You simply begin with baby steps… start with your daily goals and take those actions that push you forward. Then focus on the progress you make as that will keep you motivated and inspired to take that next step.

There has never been a better time in the history of the Internet to start that business of your dreams, but it requires a clear vision of where you’re going, a daily plan of actionable steps that will move you forward and a steadfast confidence that leaves those fears and doubts in the dust.

I thought it would be fitting to leave you with Felix’s big jump into the history books…enjoy and be inspired.

And after you watch that video, come back here and leave a comment below… tell me about your vision for your business…

Best regards,

The Jeff Walker Team

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