4 Ways to Build Authority and Trust with Your Email Marketing List

What’s the one thing in life that takes years to build and only seconds to destroy?

Any ideas?

In a word…TRUST

It takes time and effort to consistently build trusted relationships with your friends, clients and customers.

You remember the bike lock, Kryptonite? It was the world’s most secure bike lock, or so we thought. That’s until one day, someone posted a YouTube showing how to pick a Kryptonite lock in seconds with a ballpoint pen. Let’s just say all the trust in the Kryptonite brand was completely obliterated with a one minute YouTube video that went viral.

Trust is everything in business and so important when it comes to building your list.

How do we effectively build and keep the trust of our email subscribers especially at a time when people are being inundated with endless amounts of emails and marketing messages?

Here Are 4 Ideas for Building Trust and Authority with Your Email Marketing List

1. Start publishing to your list regularly.

Consistency and quality of content is key to building a good relationship with your list. Create an autoresponder sequence that consistently sends out emails over a period of time.

Now, naturally some markets will tolerate more content than others, but the optimal frequency should fall somewhere between daily and weekly.

I would actually err on the side of emailing your list too much, as too little will reduce the responsiveness of your list.

Think of yourself as a “trusted friend” to your list… if you rarely communicate with your friend, how strong will your friendship really be?

So be consistent and regular!

2. Publish high-quality, relevant and non-boring content.

Your email subscribers will be much accepting of regularly receiving your email content IF your content really adds value to their lives. You want to be sharing content that answers objections, addresses their pain points and fulfills a need or aspiration.

Your prospects don’t have time to read fluffy emails without substance and they will let you know that by clicking your unsubscribe link.

So, don’t waste their time and inbox space, but always ask yourself this question… “Will this email add tremendous value to their lives?” And, if the answer is YES, send it!

3. Establish your Unique Connection Point (UCP).

Our leader, Jeff Walker coined the term, Unique Connection Point to refer to the distinct and unique personality or voice that you bring to your market and email copy.

Years ago, Jeff was able to build a serious publishing business in the highly competitive stock market space by bringing his own unique style, voice and persona. He wasn’t even a stockbroker and yet amassed a list of 80,000 subscribers eager to receive his regular newsletter. Jeff leveraged his UCP and carved out an awesome business in a competitive market.

So, what’s your UCP? What special abilities, qualities and experience do you bring to your market that makes you distinct?

4. Link to credible resources in your market.

Occasionally in your email copy, include a link to an article or blog post from a very credible source in your market. It could be from Wikipedia, the New York Times, YouTube or even a popular blogger.

People often shy away from referencing other experts in their field as they think it somehow diminishes their own authority.

Quite the contrary.

When you quote and reference other experts and thought leaders on occasion, it puts you in the same light as the expert and reinforces your commitment to only sharing the BEST content with your list.

So trust ALWAYS takes time to build, but you can get started quickly by simply publishing high value and relevant content to your email marketing list. You’ll be amazed at how your authority will naturally build over time.

Until one day, you’re one of the gurus that others are talking about!

The Jeff Walker Team

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