5 Killer Publishing Platforms to Get Your Message to the Masses

We recently sat down in a “hot-seat” style setting with our “fearless (and super nice) leader”, Jeff Walker and asked him a pointed question…

“Jeff, we know that you were one of the early Internet Pioneers starting your online business way back in 1996 (before many of us understood the “World Wide Web”) but, if you had to start your business over completely from scratch, what would be the very FIRST thing you would do?”

His answer in a word was… PUBLISH!


With Jeff’s well-established business acumen and proven track record for building multi-million-dollar businesses in multiple markets, you were probably expecting some sort of secret, stealth marketing tactic that only the “inner circle” of uber successful marketers would have discovered.

The truth is that publishing relevant, interesting and useful content to your market is absolutely the key to building an audience and ultimately a thriving and sustainable business!

But, with so many options to choose from today, what are the best “Publishing Platforms” to help get your message to the masses?

Well, it’s not really a question of “best”… it’s a question of getting started. So here are FIVE killer publishing platforms to consider for anyone wanting to create some waves in their market…

Platform #1: Email

There is no greater asset you can build into your online business than an email list! It is still the most profitable and powerful platform for building a relationship with your audience, sharing valuable content and creating long-term future customers and clients.

And, there’s so many awesome ways to publish to your email list… here’s a few ideas:

  • Create a relevant weekly or monthly newsletter that your audience is hungry to digest
  • Set-up an daily email tip series for a week, a month or longer that is jammed pack full of useful information
  • Feed your blog posts to your email list and encourage comments or feedback
  • Create a short email course

Once you have established rapport and a bond with your list through publishing, you will naturally gain “psychic permission” to introduce highly relevant offers and products.

Platform #2: Social Networking

Many Social Media experts refer to Social Networking as a “Connection” tool. This is 100% true, but those strong connections will never be formed unless you are FIRST publishing top-notch content to your Social Media audience.

Great content is KING in the Social Networks and it is what clearly distinguishes those with a strong tribe from others struggling to gain any sort of momentum!

The cool thing about this publishing platform is that your content can quickly go viral, enabling you to build up a following much faster than any other channel.

Plus, there is no shortage of super creative content you can publish in such places as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ including…

  • How to videos
  • Compelling blog posts
  • Aspirational photos (with text)
  • Infographics
  • Engaging polls and open-ended questions

The list goes on…

Platform #3: Online Video

Online video is currently one of the most engaging and prolific platforms for communicating your message to the masses. With over 5 billion video views per day, YouTube stands second to Google as the largest Search Engine on the web.

Not to mention, creating online video is easier and most cost-effective than ever before. Here are five quick steps to get started right away…

1. Research forums, social networks and find out what your market wants

2. Identify five topics you think you’re audience would be interested in.

3. Shoot five quick 1-2 minute tip-style videos using your smartphone or a low cost hand held digital camera. Or if you prefer not to be in front of the camera, you can use Jing Project to shoot a quick screen capture or powerpoint style video.

4. Make some quick edits using a free or low cost video editor (imovie for the mac or sony vegas movie studio for the PC)

5. Set-up a YouTube channel and upload your videos with catchy keyword-targeted titles and descriptions.

Social Media guru Mari Smith recently proclaimed 2013 to be the “Year of the Video” and for good reason… it’s a key ingredient in any good publishing platform.

Platform #4: Blog

A blog can be considered your “Content Hub” as it naturally feeds into all your other platforms including your email list and social media channels. A blog is a perfect platform for getting noticed and building authority and credibility in your market.

It’s also super simple to get started! You can literally be up in minutes if you use a hosted solution like WordPress.com. But it still might only take a hour or so to get WordPress set-up on your domain using cPanel and Fantastico!

Once you are all set up, a good starting point is to do some simple keyword research (using the Free Google Keyword Tool) and identify the types of topics your audience is searching for. From there, you can research other blogs, forums and social networks and pull out 10-20 hot topics that you can start to blog about.

Platform #5: Kindle

In the last couple years, the Amazon Kindle has ignited a digital publishing revolution! Back in 2011, Amazon Kindle sales surpassed physical books and has significantly widened the margin since then.

Amazon Kindle offers a huge publishing upside as they allow for visually appealing content with images, text and video as well as the ability to add links to your other content (blog posts, squeeze pages etc…).

Many businesses have shifted from merely dipping their toe in the “Kindle Water” to establishing a killer publishing platform that is making a big impact in their business.

So, there you have it..five top-notch publishing platforms to help you take your message to the masses here in 2013 and beyond.

The key here is not to publish in all five platforms right away, but pick one and starting publishing some good content and build from there.

The Jeff Walker Team

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