7 Strategic Subject Lines to Get Your Emails Opened Fast!

Writing a great subject line is as much an art as it is a science.

The “art” part of the equation takes experience. With time and practice, you get a feel for which subject lines get your prospects to perk up and take notice and which ones fall flat on their face. You also learn volumes simply by keeping an eye on your own inbox. Which emails do you open and why?

The “science” part of the equation is a whole lot easier and is achieved through testing. Your email provider should allow you to track the open rate of your emails (the % of prospects on your list who open any given email that you send out), so you can see firsthand which subject lines are resonating most with your list. Write more of the same types of subject lines, and you’ll typically find you get similar results.

With that in mind, I dug back through our own email marketing archives and came  up with seven powerful types of subject lines, along with three examples of each that had the highest open rates.

7 Powerful Types of Subject Lines for Email Marketing

#1 Curiosity (something that raises a question):

  • “Brutally hard…”
  • “the person Tony Robbins couldn’t ignore…”
  • “[STRATEGY] forget the checks…”

#2 Implied Benefit:

  • “how I shoot video…”
  • “are you 6 questions from success?”
  • “this works every time…”

#3 Bold Statement:

  • “a $20 million dollar decision”
  • “this ONE simple strategy can 5x your business…”
  • “The $10,000,000.00 plan… step-by-step”

#4 Counter-Intuitive Statement:

  • “why resolutions suck…”
  • “unlocked, no registration”
  • “experts not for sale…”

#5 Confessional Statement:

  • “a $320,000 confession…”
  • “my single biggest failure in business…”
  • “how I got rich…”

#6 Numbers and Lists:

  • “the 6 myths…”
  • “DOWNLOAD: 15 ways to grab massive traffic from…”
  • “326 new paying clients in two weeks?

#7 Pattern Interrupts (i.e. add one word in all caps):

  • “cheap, good… not fast”
  • “the simple 3-step system that ALWAYS works…”
  • “it’ll really cost you TWELVE bucks (truth in advertising)”

So there you have it… 21 powerful, proven subject lines to model for your own email marketing success.

What types of subject lines do you find absolutely irresistible? What do you feel makes for a good subject line and why?

Let us know by commenting below!

The Jeff Walker Team

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