How to Engage Your List With Video, Part 1

We live in a virtual age. We keep in touch with friends via Facebook posts, we make plans through text messages, we communicate to our lists by emails — and while this can make us more connected than ever before, it’s also easy to lose that human touch.

This is especially true when it comes to your business. It can be hard to craft emails to your list that not only deliver your message, but also capture their interest and their imagination.

Every time you communicate with your list, you have two goals. You have the obvious goal of delivering whatever message you are trying to deliver, but you also have a larger goal — to build a relationship with them. You want them to be interested not only in what you are selling, but in YOU.

You don’t want customers. You want raving fans.

To create raving fans, you need to build a relationship with your list. And there is no better way to build that relationship than through video.

Video cuts through the virtual disconnect. It lets people see you, connect with you, in a much more personal and powerful way.

This is something that you can weave into every video that you create. If you do it right, each video that you shoot will help build your authority and your connection with your list.

So what are the essentials?

You Need to be Real

Probably the most common mistake that I see people make with their videos is trying to be someone they aren’t. This takes many forms… I’ve seen people try to imitate everything from news anchors to infomercials, but there is one thing in common. They all sound fake.

Be natural, be yourself. No one is going to fault you if you stumble over a word or don’t deliver every line perfectly. Just the opposite really — those slight imperfections help balance your video out. Sure, you’ve achieved success and have this great lifestyle and these fancy videos… but you’re still just a regular person like everyone else. You’re the pro, but you’re still real.


One of the best ways to add authority and interest to your video is through your background. It doesn’t have to be crazy fancy and you don’t even have to mention it… but if you are overlooking a beach or a mountain vista (or even just a great skyline), it instantly makes your video (and you) more interesting.

If you don’t have access to an amazing view… no worries, you can find a great looking shot almost anywhere. Even just sitting on a bench in a park or on a balcony can make for a great shot and give your audience a break from all the videos out there of someone sitting at their desk in an office.

Jump Right In

I see so many videos that start out by introducing the video.

“In this video, I’m going to talk to you about this and teach you how to do this. Then we are going to talk about how you can use that in your business”

Don’t do that.

Think about it like an email… you don’t start off an email to your list like that. You don’t say, “in this email, I’m going to talk about this and teach you how to do it”.

… or at least I hope you don’t 😉

Just jump right in. Start off your video with something punchy. The first words out of your mouth are like your headline… they need to grab your audiences attention and hold it right from the start… or they won’t even get to your content, they’ll just be clicking away.

Start off punchy, keep the background interesting, and be natural. I could (and have) filled an entire course on how to use video to come across as a total pro on video… but those three are some of the absolute foundations. Take them to heart and I guarantee you’ll see a difference in the engagement of your viewers.

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