How To Engage Your List With Video, Part 2: The Blog Post

Believe it or not, not all the videos you create for your list have to be “marketing” videos. Taking the time to shoot a short, informal video for your list can do wonders to help establish your authority and build a strong relationship with your list.

These videos are short and easy to create. You pick a topic, deliver some content on it for usually under 10 minutes, then you send it out to your list and just like that, you’ve delivered value.

Okay, so first off before we go too deep, the “Blog Post Video” is a style of video — you don’t actually have to have a blog to use them. You can publish them on YouTube, you can send people there by email… really, they can be delivered in any way you wish. The blog post is pure relationship building at its finest. You aren’t trying to sell anything, you aren’t trying to promote anything, the only aim is to deliver value… and help build your authority and connection to your list at the same time.

Okay, so that’s great… but what does a blog post look like?

  • Advice
  • Stories
  • Rants
  • Life lessons
  • Quick tips

Keep it personal, something that builds your authority and contributes to your story while also delivering something of value. I usually try to keep these short, 3-5 minutes is usually the sweet spot, but don’t be afraid to go longer if you have something compelling to share.

You went to a seminar last weekend and had an epiphany? Perfect blog post video.

How about a pivotal moment when you were building your business? Awesome blog post video.

I bet there are one or two mistakes that you see a lot of newbies in your market making. Make a blog post video!

**Advanced Tip: If you are traveling to an exotic place (or you live in one), blog post videos can be a perfect way to show off your surroundings. As often as possible, I try to shoot these videos outside with a killer backdrop. You don’t even have to address the background in your video… just having it there instantly adds an extra layer of interest and mystery to your video and your character.

The beauty of these blog posts is that you can usually shoot several of them in a very short amount of time and then publish them over a few weeks time. They don’t take much in the way of time or effort to create, but they can make a huge impact on your list — especially if you usually only publish to your list via emails.

Short, easy, big impact… what more could you ask for out of a 5 minute video?

[Editor’s Note: If you missed it, be sure to read part 1 of How to Engage Your List With Video.]

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