The Quick Guide to Growing Your Online Business the Right Way, Part 2

When you put up a website, you think “build it and they will come.”

The reality is, expecting someone to stumble across your website is sort of like your visitor watching a TV with 650,000,000 channels and expecting them to find your channel.

That’s why in part 1 on Tuesday, we talked about why you need to focus on getting multiple sources of targeted traffic to your website.

But that’s only half the battle.

Once they reach your channel you’ve got to engage them in a big way for them to ever remember your channel or come back to it. Most people that visit your site will never visit it again, so what you need is a way to capture them permanently.

So today we’re going to take a look at conversions, which is all about converting (surprise, surprise) as much of that traffic into a long-term relationship as possible… and that’s where the squeeze page, or opt-in page, comes in.

A squeeze page is the ultimate entry to building a relationship with your target prospect. It’s virtually impossible to build a relationship when someone is just visiting your website… even if you get them engaged or get them to watch a video… because relationships generally take time.

A squeeze page forces them to do one thing… either give you their email address (in exchange for some type of valuable free report or other giveaway) or go away.

If you can get some percentage of them to give you their email address… now you can start building a relationship with them over time. You can use email to drive them back to your website, to drive them to your blog, to drive them to your sales pages, to do whatever you want.

It’s also far easier to convert a prospect to a free offer than it is to immediately try to convert them to a sale, so it’s a great first step. It gives you a fighting chance to create a conversation with them, to create a relationship with them, and to eventually sell them something.

So how do you create an effective squeeze page?

Well, I talked before about how to radically increase your opt-in rates specifically by improving your offer, your headline, and your design.

But here are the most important things to think about overall when creating a squeeze page.

7 Components of a Top-Notch Squeeze Page

#1: Simple and Visually Appealing Design

Inviting colors, compelling graphics, photos, logos, relevant images, arrows, buttons. A few years ago, you could have the most ugly squeeze page in the world and it was just fine. In order to compete today, you’ve got to have great design.

#2: Strong Attention Getting Headline

The headline is super important. It’s more important than just about anything else on the page. You want to answer the question “what’s in it for me?” for your prospect. Why should they opt-in? You want to tap into their needs, their pain points, their hopes, their desires.

#3: Irresistible Bribe

This is the giveaway. What are you giving people if they opt-in? Again, it should clearly address your prospect’s pain points, needs, hopes, dreams. Find out what their biggest problem is, and then create a special report, e-course, series of videos, webinar, or other giveaway that helps them solve it.

#4: Short Video

This one you have to be super careful with. In general, a video on your squeeze page will lower your response, but it’s worth testing. If you put in a video it has to be good. Speak to the prospect’s pain points, introduce the bribe, and include a call to action telling them exactly what to do to get it.

#5: Bulleted Copy

Summarize the key points of your bribe, but don’t waste a lot of time here. Years of testing has proved that the copy and bullets are not nearly as important as the headline. If you’re going to take two hours writing the copy, spend an hour and 50 minutes on the headline and 10 minutes on the body copy.

#6: Signup Form and Submit Button

Offer simple, clear instructions. Use a button with a good call to action and a nice contrasting color. Avoid using a boring call to action like “Submit” or “Sign up here.” Instead, use colorful calls to action like “Free Instant Access”… “Get Your Free Report”… or “Send My Free Stuff!”

#7: Privacy Statement

You have to put something over by the opt-in box that basically says, “We care about your privacy and we will never share your information with anyone. Period!” This is in addition to the full Privacy Statement that you have on your website.

Finally, keep in mind that a great squeeze page and opt-in process is one of the most important things you can do for your business. This is very powerful stuff.

So go get to work!

The Jeff Walker Team

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