How to Scale the Vision for Your Online Business

Take a minute and ask yourself, why do you want to have an online business? For many people, it’s an easy question to answer. To make more money, to have a bigger lifestyle, to have more freedom, to make their own schedule are all common themes among online¬†entrepreneurs.

And those are all great reasons. But what happens when you meet them?

Talk to many of the most successful people (in the world, even, not just online marketing) and you’ll hear many of the same themes come up over and over.

They all had, at some point along their road to success, a very disconcerting realization. They realized that they had met all their goals.

Sounds fantastic, right?

Yes, absolutely, but it can also be a very uncomfortable place to be. If you spend years and years working towards a goal… what do you do when you reach it? Especially if that goal is one that, at one time, seemed so very far off. When you start at the bottom, it’s hard to imagine being at the top.

That’s when the shift happens. The focus shifts from thinking INWARDS to thinking OUTWARDS. This is something that you’ll hear repeated over and over if you ask some of the most successful people what their goals are.

To expand the impact I make on the world, to strengthen my team, to help my clients reach their goals and dreams — these are all common… and they all share an outward focus.

You are either growing or dying.

Whether or not you move from working on your own success to the success of others (or even want to), you NEED to keep evolving the vision for your online business and for your life.

So ask yourself… does the vision you have been using as your guiding torch still apply? Or could it use an update?

The Jeff Walker Team

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