What Is A Product Launch and Why Should I Care?

John Gallagher’s story is anything but typical.

It wasn’t like he was a bum or anything, but he started off with tougher circumstances than most. He was going to school to become an acupuncturist… raising two kids… and doing volunteer work for a local nonprofit.

He barely earned $2,000 a month and so he needed food stamps to support his young family.

His hobby… his passion… was edible and medicinal plants and herbs. He and his wife had been in business for a couple years teaching people how to grow them, cultivate them and make home remedies. So thinking it would be fun to teach the craft through play and learning, he designed a board game around his passion and borrowed money from his dad for product development.

Now, anyone who has ever had a physical board game created knows you have to invest in a whole bunch of them.

So the next thing you know, all of these board games were dropped off at his house by a huge truck. He sent me photos. His garage… his spare bedroom… his hallway – even his shower stall – all packed to the ceiling with boxes of board games.

Then he tried to sell them with good old-fashioned “Hope Marketing.” That’s where you develop an offer, throw your new product into the market with a sales page, and HOPE it sells. It didn’t work out so well.

John sold just 12 of his 1,500 games to his own list. That’s when panic set in.

Fortunately, he did a Google search for “how to launch a product” and discovered Product Launch Formula. He bought it, put the simple strategies to work with a new offer, and quickly sold 650 games… making all of his money back and then some.

John subsequently moved on to even greater success, with multiple products and multiple launches. In fact, he’s gone on to leverage that very first launch into a healthy six-figure business.

All in a tiny little niche within a niche – the learning herbs market. Not exactly one of the markets you think of when you’re looking at the big cash cow markets, right?

Yet, that’s what product launches are all about.

In short, a product launch – and more specifically, the Product Launch Formula – is a system anyone can use to launch a new product or service. You can even use it to launch an entire business – like John did – or to relaunch an existing product or service. The strategies and tactics work whether you’re a beginner or advanced. They work in almost any market… with almost any product or service.

I’ve seen it used for a variety of niches: stuff like dating advice and writing love letters… raw foods and health foods… learning the guitar or piano… teaching youth soccer and coaching baseball… horse ballet… dog agility training… the list goes on and on.

It’s also been used for all types of different products: online information products… physical information products that are shipped out… physical widgets… e-books… physical books… e-commerce… various online services… subscription services… membership sites… offline services… specialist services like dentists or chiropractors… and just about any other type of content you can imagine.

I personally had a launch generate over $1.1 million in sales during the very first hour.

Now that wasn’t a typical hour. In fact, it was my very best hour ever. But the sales didn’t stop there, and that launch went on to do $3.7 million in 34 hours.


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